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One thunderous hit by Mo Lewis on Drew Bledsoe two months ago in Foxboro changed the immediate course of history for the Patriots. It sent Bledsoe to the hospital for four days with a sheared blood vessel in his chest that caused internal bleeding; it gave Tom Brady Moncler Women Vest, the latest of the NFL's unknown quarterbacks, an opportunity to make an impact; and it created a huge quarterback controversy in New England now that Bledsoe is ready to take his job back but Bill Belichick won't give it to him - or even give him the chance to compete for it. Belichick clearly is not averse to making difficult quarterback decisions. Back in '93, not only did he bench Cleveland icon Bernie Kosar and elevate Vinny Testaverde, but he subsequently cut Kosar, creating an uproar that infuriated Browns fans. This time, he's keeping a quarterback on the bench who signed a 10-year, $103 million deal in the offseason, to start a second-year player who is making $298,000. The Patriots are 6-3 with Brady, a sixth-round pick last year out of Michigan. They are 6-5 overall and can make a move in the AFC East if they beat the Jets on Sunday. Last week, Belichick announced Brady would remain at quarterback for the rest of the season barring any unforseen circumstances. For now, Bledsoe will not be given a chance to get his job back. "It wasn't about Drew losing his job or not having a chance to compete or anything like that," Belichick said yesterday. "It was just a situation where Tom was more game-ready. He played the last eight games, he played the ninth game and he's going to start the 10th game. I think that Drew's record speaks for itself. I'm sure he will be ready if we need him." Belichick made the right call. Not only hasn't Bledsoe played since Sept. 23 14+ Eyeshadow, but New England is 7-19 in his last 26 starts. The Patriots are winning, so it would be risky for Belichick to mess with the chemistry. Brady is the AFC's second-ranked quarterback behind Oakland's Rich Gannon, and has thrown 16 TDs and seven INTs. New England has averaged 26 points with him. Last year, the Patriots averaged 17 with Bledsoe and scored only 20 points in his two starts this year. Bledsoe was reportedly angry when Belichick broke the news to him. "I'm looking forward for the chance to compete for my job," Bledsoe said. Only, now, it's Brady's job. "I like Drew. He's a great competitor," Belichick said. "I'm glad he wants his job back. I'm glad he wants to play." Brady said Bledsoe has been treating him "great. He's been (as) supportive as I could have ever asked of him. He's a great player. He's a great person. People look to him for leadership. He's set a great example over the last nine years here. 1Related Topics Articles:

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